Stages of Healing

It starts out as a caterpillar; the only “cute” creepy crawly insect I know. Next stop, cocoon, and finally the caterpillar fulfills her destiny as a butterfly. We humans transform too. And one way we track our progress is by the way we work.

Using nature as our guide, let’s look at three stages in professional development. helen’s note: or healing:

1. Caterpillar – Lay low, slowly and deliberately explore the landscape around you. helen’s note: i.e. wander, current focus word
2. Cocoon – Keep still, hang out embrace the peace of waiting for change to happen. helen’s note: be still and know…
3. Butterfly – Take flight, land softly, you are appreciated by those around you. helen’s note: sometimes you are appreciated by those around, but always you appreciate yourself.

It’s clear there is an order to pursuing our life’s work. There’s holiness to be found in a job promotion, just as there is humility to be gained in unemployment.

Recognizing every stage of the path to professional transformation is… transformational! You will surely become who you are meant to be. Celebrate your inner butterfly yearning to be free.

By Susan Diamond

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