Announcing Gentleness

…Take delight in honoring each other~ Romans 12:10

Encourage anyone who feels left out, help all who are weak, and be patient with everyone. 1 Thessalonians 5:14

When you are feeling neglected, overlooked, or ignored, what is your natural reaction? It depends on your personality, but you will probably either want to withdraw and take the approach of “you ignore me and I’ll ignore you,” or you’ll seek out a way to get that person’s attention. Either way, it’s all about you.

God wants you to choose a different reaction. With his controlled power, he wants you to make the gentle choice to focus on others. If you’re feeling neglected, chances are somebody else is feeling that way too, and you have the opportunity to do something for him or her because you can empathize.

Finding someone to encourage will get you out of the downward spiral of self-pity; you are now looking out for others and seeking to make a difference in their lives.

As 1 Thessalonians 5:14  tells us, it’s important to look for someone who most other people wouldn’t encourage…by Tom Holladay*

giving gentlenessGentleness is the storm Before the eye of the storm for me right now.

Because of Grace
, in God’s appropriate timing, it is also Day 21 in the Be Gentle Be Love class.

So, in a first for this blog, next week, Gentleness will be the week-long focus.

Actually it has been a life-long focus for me. You too?

*…To read the rest of Tom Holladay’s devotional, gently click here

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