Saturday Digest~December 24

You’ve made your list, checked it twice and found out that you forgot something or run out of something. This Week’s digest is here to help.

If you run out of …

Gift Tags: Here are some to print immediately

Tissue Paper: Use dress patterns, parchment paper (the kind you use for baking), Christmas paper napkins.

Christmas Cards: Here are five great ones:
5 Wishes
You Are So Awesome!
You Make Me Smile!
I Dropped a Tear in the Ocean
Celebrate Love Card

Envelopes for Christmas cards: Here is a pattern to use for folding them instead of rushing out to buy them

Stuff to talk about with your relatives

Things to Do

Interesting Facts to Share ala Cliff Clavin: The origin of Christmas gifts

And especially if you need to remember to –>Enjoy the Holidays: A Stress-Free Guide

The good news is you can handle your expectations

If you run out of people to pray for, please pray for our emergency personnel, our soldiers, and those who continue to wait for their Christmas miracle.

Please Remember: This nativity had an object in mind. That object is you and me.

Video of the Week:

Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Christmas Canon via Jim McShane

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