This Weekend~Don’t Dismiss You

A new artist for me …good lyrics…especially the part about not dismissing ourselves

“Don’t ever try to dismiss yourself because you don’t have to…” Yuna


“Don’t” is a word I try to avoid in conversation and writing. But writing around the word (Dismiss Not You/Avoid Dismissing You) dilutes the imperative. Yuna knew the best word. So it stands.

Perhaps, there is time for you to play the video again and read this sentiment from Brave Girls Club:

Think about when you were a little [person]. All of those hopes, dreams, and ambitions that were unique and wonderful and unabashed. What held you back as you grew older, from wanting or working for those tender dreams that grew through your soul from your first memories of having your own unique dreams?
Don’t be afraid to be the person that you thought you might grow up to be, that person that you dreamed of being — that amazing woman that you looked into the future to see when you were a little girl. Uncover those dreams again and believe in them. Shoot for what is deepest in your heart, and be the woman that you always wanted to be.

You are so loved. ~Brave Girls’ Club


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