Monday Words for the Soul~September 30

A Message from the Pavement:

hugs help

Free hugs


More Words for the Soul

Picture taken by Helen Teague

a word from The Sponsor~September 29

1 Peter 1:6

1 Peter 1:6


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This Weekend~September 27~Just Remember

You Are Blessed

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Additional Weekend Activities

Photo taken by Helen Teague

Midweek Question~September 26~Shadows

What shadows do you cast?

shoreline shadows

Look closely—do you see the shadows? At first glance they may be unnoticeable or too blended into the sand.

But the shadows are there. The shadows we cast are still present. They take on longer lines than we might surmise.

They are seen and felt. Focus on the picture for a few seconds and see the shadow lines grow stronger with attention.

They comprise our reach.

Maybe the better question is: who are you reaching today?


Other Questions from other weeks

Photo by Helen Teague on Malibu beach

Monday Words for the Soul~September 23

Just 3 words today:

trust the process


More Monday Words for the Soul

a word from The Sponsor~September 22

Isaiah 41:13

Isaiah 41:13


Additional words from The Sponsor

This Weekend~September 20~Call that one friend

that one friend

They are thinking of you too!


More Weekend Activities

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